Facebank AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US-listed Facebank Group. Facebank AG is the Swiss holding company for control interests in a number of market leading digital solutions businesses, including global ecommerce platform and software solutions, that empower the explosive growth of the digital human industry: digital likeness assets for celebrities, consumers, entertainment, games, and artificially intelligent chatbots and digital assistants.

Facebank AG had been created through acquisition by Facebank Group of 100% ownership interest in Oakley Capital International AG (now renamed in Facebank AG), the Swiss holding company whose primary assets include Nexway AG (www.nexway.com), a Germany-listed global ecommerce services business, and Eight Plus Holdings LLC (www.8plusholding.com), a New York based content-commerce investment company.


Together these assets and operating companies, currently in business in nearly 200 countries, provide FaceBank Group with a powerful global platform of software solutions, strategic partnerships and direct consumer relationships to launch FaceBank applications to a waiting worldwide audience.


FaceBank Group, Inc. (“Facebank”) (FNBK) was created by entertainment industry pioneers 
of facial capture and human animation who recognized early the social and business trends developing around the human face…for fun, personal productivity and for security, the future 
is all about the Face…but the explosive growth of facial scanning, facial recognition and deep fake facial replication comes with equal doses of excitement and risk, leaving billions of consumers exposed to the privacy risks of personal digital assets being stored, used and sold without consent.

FaceBank’s mission is to educate consumers and celebrities to realize that their faces are personal digital assets and, like any other asset, should be protected, managed and delivered, for serious applications and for fun, at their discretion by a bank.


Facebank’s business is to put the digital likeness and personal digital assets to work for the best interest of their owners through a highly transparent and technologically advanced tools, allowing for commercially rewarding exploitation of the personal digital assets without compromising to the name and brand integrity of their owners, with tight control over the 
terms and scope of use of digital assets and identities.


Nexway Ecommerce is a German-listed digital solutions company, managed from our Paris headquarters, with a global footprint to offer merchants around the world, including now its parent company Facebank Group, turnkey solutions for the management all of their global ecommerce needs and infrastructure, from product/apps download support, to payment processing and use of all major payment methods, to tax filings in all applicable jurisdictions worldwide, to compliance with data privacy and other applicable laws, to customer service and reporting.